The top 10 strangest animals you’ve never heard of

By reefitalia

There are many animals in the world, however, some of them just take the cake! These wild animals you’ve never heard of are some of the strangest on the planet and it’s definitely worth taking some time to learn about them! Whether they’re cute and cuddly, or weird and wonderful, each of these unique creatures has its own unique set of skills and abilities. Not to mention their life stories are just as fascinating as they are! So go ahead and discover the top 10 strange animals you’ve never heard of!

1 Earwig

Earwigs are a type of insect and they are also called pincher bugs. These insects typically measure in at around 3 to 4 cm, but can grow as large as 7.5 cm. Earwigs are most commonly found on the ground and can be identified by their long antennae. They are generally brown or black in color, and have a round body shape with two pairs of wings that extend beyond their abdomen.

2 Duckbill

Duckbills are a kind of platypus, which are mammals that lay eggs and suckle their young. They live in the streams and rivers of Southern Tasmania, Australia. Duckbills have an interesting evolutionary story, as they used to be far more diverse than today’s one species. A few million years ago, there were four different species with two genera in what is now known as the Ornithorhynchus family.

3 Red-Lipped Batfish

This deep-sea fish has a striking red stripe running from the center of its mouth up to the front of its head and down the side of its body. Its skin is covered in bony, wart-like growths, which are used for protection against predators. The Red-lipped Batfish also has a row of spines along each side that it can erect as a defense mechanism when threatened.

4 Goeldi’s Monkey

Goeldi’s monkeys are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. They are native to Brazil and have a long, luxurious tail that they use to balance when they swing through the trees. Goeldi’s monkeys live in small family groups with one male, one female and their offspring who often stay together for life. Each monkey has its own special calls, which they use to communicate with each other while they’re out exploring the rainforest.

5 Japanese Spider Crab

The Japanese spider crab is one of the largest and most unusual crabs in the world. It can grow to be up to 12 feet long, making it the largest known arthropod on earth. The crab is so large that it has been known to tear fishing nets asunder just by getting caught in them.

6 Pink Fairy Armadillo

A pink fairy armadillo is one of the most unusual-looking creatures on earth. They’re just as adorable as they are bizarre, and they make for a great photo opportunity! These armadillos also have a unique defense system: when threatened, they roll up into an armored ball and rely on their hard shell to keep predators at bay. As if that weren’t enough, their strong claws can cause deep cuts with a single strike.

7 Pygmy Marmoset

Pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkey in the world, growing to only about seven inches. They live in Central America and South America where they eat insects, fruit, and occasionally small lizards or rodents. Pygmy marmosets are usually found in humid forests and can be seen hanging from tree branches with their tails wrapped around a branch. This helps them stay safe from predators like large birds of prey and snakes that could easily snatch them up.

8 Proboscis Monkey

A Proboscis Monkey is native to Borneo, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The monkey has a large nose that hangs down over its mouth which often droops over its chest. The Proboscis Monkey is also known as the long-nosed or beaked monkey.

9 Narwhal Whale

A Narwhal Whale is an ocean animal, and it lives in the Arctic Ocean. The Narwhal whale is a tuskless whale, which means that they do not have any teeth in their upper jaw. It has one tooth on the left side of its mouth. The narwhal whales are known for their long tusks or teeth, which can grow up to 9 feet long! Their diet consists mostly of crustaceans such as shrimp and krill.

10 Albino Red Kangaroo

No matter how many different kinds of animals there are, we always seem to find a new one that is entirely unique. In this case, the albino red kangaroo may be the strangest animal on this list. It’s not just rare – it’s absolutely one-of-a-kind. The albino red kangaroo is a beautiful sight to behold and has led to some confusion with other types of kangaroos in Australia.

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