Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Lions

By reefitalia

Lions are considered to be one of the most powerful animals in Africa, as they’re able to bring down large prey and defend themselves against even the most skilled hunters. There are more than 20 distinct subspecies of lions that are all slightly different, but they all share certain characteristics that make them fascinating, such as a distinctive mane and an impressive roar that can be heard from miles away. The following list contains 10 of the most fascinating facts about lions.

1) The king of the jungle is actually scared of bees

Lions are king of the jungle, but they’re actually scared of bees. They have a natural instinct to be afraid because when lions were still wild, they were hunted by packs of honey badgers. These days, it’s not likely that you’ll find a honey badger in your backyard. But if you do, get out of there! I mean just look at this guy

2) Male lions can have manes that are over 1 meter long

Male lions have manes that grow over a meter long, which they can use to intimidate other male lions. The mane is also a way for the lion to regulate its body temperature. Female lions are without manes because they don’t need to show dominance and because they do not need their body temperature regulated.
In Africa, there are four different types of lion: African lions (Panthera leo), Asiatic Lions (Panthera leo persica), Barbary or Atlas lions (Panthera leo leo) and South African Lion (Panthera leo melanochaitus).

3) Lions can run up to 70km/h

Lions can run up to 70km/h, which is the same speed as a cheetah. They can jump up to 15 feet high in the air and are able to roar so loudly that they can be heard from five miles away. Their fur is a tawny brown color with black spots and their mane is a darker shade of brown or black.

4) There are only 500,000 lions left in Africa – here’s why

The lion population in Africa is dwindling. In fact, there are only 500,000 lions left on the continent. That’s down from about 100,000 a century ago. So why is this happening? Well, it turns out that there are many reasons for the decline in their numbers. Some of them include habitat loss and fragmentation as well as human-lion conflict. Not to mention that many species have been illegally killed for their fur or just to be trophies.

5) Lion cubs sound like dog puppies – but growl like adults

Lion cubs sound like dog puppies, but growl like adults. Cub vocalizations are a mix of the two. The pup’s high-pitched cry alerts the lioness when it is hungry and needs to nurse, and it also warns other lions that may be in the area.

6) The lioness does all the work when hunting

When hunting, the lioness does all of the work. She stalks her prey until she is close enough to make the kill. Once she gets close enough, she will leap and wrestle with her prey until it is subdued or dies from wounds inflicted by the lioness. When she has killed the animal, lions will usually consume as much as they want on site before dragging it off to share with other members of their pride or pack.

7) A pride male will kill new offspring if he sees them as competition for his mate

Lions are one of the most social animals in the world. They live in groups called prides, and these prides can have up to 20 members. A pride male will kill new offspring if he sees them as competition for his mate.

8) It was once thought that male lions were cowardly because they stayed behind while females went out hunting

Lions are often seen as being cowardly because they stay in the back of the pack while females do all the hunting. However, male lions have been shown to be just as ferocious as females when it comes to defending their territory and cubs. Male lions will go out on hunts with females but still stand behind them for safety reasons.

9) They have binocular vision, meaning they see things better with both eyes instead of just one

Lions are the only animals with binocular vision. This means that they see things better with both eyes instead of just one, which is common for most other animals. In fact, when hunting prey at night, lions will close one eye and use it to look through the bush while using the other eye to keep a lookout for predators.

10) Their claws are retractable so they don’t damage their prey when killing it.

Lions are considered to be the most social of all the large cats. They live in groups called prides. These groups can have up to 30 lions, but it’s not uncommon for them to have as few as three members. The females generally do not leave their prides when they become adults, but males will usually leave at about 3 years old and form a new pride with other male cubs that left their mother’s pride.

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